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  • Sentenac Daniel FR
    Bravo, original, je suis amoureux de votre travail , à moins que ce soit de vous !!!..................
  • Storai Alain FR
    bravo pour vos realisations, vos oeuvres sont vraiment magnifiques, empreintes de realisme et d'une poesie certaine. j'espere un jour pouvoir aquerrir une de vos toiles.
  • Tony moore Tony US
    My dear Eve!
    So long since we have spoken. I was so very happy to get this link for your gallerie from Olivier in Paris and we have spoken through facebook. I remember living with you and your family in Bruguières so long ago and even your two dogs Bougi and Patou! I remember also you beautiful paintings and you were so talented. You could turn anything into something beautiful, wood, paper, plaster and of course your beautiful paintings that littered your house, running out of space on the walls. One day I WILL return to see you and your fantastic gallerie in Bruguières. I will also send you a copy of my autobiography called One Of A Kind when I know where to send it.
    All my love
    Tony xxx